Eco-Friendly Services

Sustainability has never been more important for companies to focus on than it is today, and we believe that it should be at the forefront of the design business today. That is why we are proud to say that here at Peach Desgin we have a full range and choice of eco-friendly and sustainable materials that we are able to use and implement into all of our fitouts.

We want to ensure that every aspect of what we do is making a positive contribution to the planet and to being sustainable. That is why we are also pleased to say that not only do we use environmentally friendly materials in our work, but that most of the work we do is carried out through the use of electric vans, keeping our emissions as a company to an absolute minimum in every situation that we can.

We want to help you to transform your space in a way that suits both you and the planet, which is why we offer a whole range of natural finishes in our designs. Here is a look at some of the wonderful sustainable materials that we use here at Peach Design.


Organoid is a fantastic interior design option for a unique finish inspired by the textures and colours that we see in the natural world around us. This material is handmade and comes with a self-adhesive backing that can be applied to a whole range of surfaces from painted walls to concrete to glass. Organoid gives amazing texture and colour ranges to any space and has a distinctive natural look for a good reason - it is made from a variety of natural materials such as trees, moss and leaves, all ethically and locally sourced, making it entirely sustainable to use as it does not undergo any of the typical processing standards that have become the norm for many design materials.


Adding to our range of eco-friendly materials, we also offer PVC-free SQUID window film which can be applied to glass surfaces within your space. These window films are ideal for providing you with the privacy that you require without stopping light from entering the room. The concept of window film is nothing new, but finding a sustainable way of creating it is something that we have been excited to take on. SQUID is a self-adhesive and transparent fabric that allows natural light to enter the room in a way that prevents others from being able to see inside, making it ideal for large office spaces with lots of glass. This fabric is PVC free, and rather than being made synthetically it is made from 100% woven fabric which also gives it a warm and natural feel, with the self-adhesive backing making for quick and easy installation.

PVC-free Wallvoverings

All of our wallcoverings here at Peach Design are PVC-free which contributes to their sustainability and environmental friendliness. We are able to help you to brighten up any room or area and create a space that works better for you, as well as being good for the world around you as well. The benefits of using PVC-free alternatives are twofold, as they are better for the health of those who are using the space as well as the fact that they are better for the planet. PVC contains many chemicals that have proven to be harmful to us and to the world around us, and this makes it harder to dispose of. Therefore, our PVC-free wallpapers are a far friendlier alternative, as well as being highly resistant to fire, fold and mildew.

Architectural Films

Our architectural films are an easy and more sustainable alternative to adding a new lease of life to any space. Previously, the ‘rip out and replace’ method has been favourable, where all of the existing furnishings in the room are entirely replaced when the space is to be redesigned. Not only is this method more expensive, but it also causes a lot of material to be wasted when it is still in good condition. Using architectural films, however, is more focused on upcycling the furniture that is already in the space rather than disposing of it, by applying a film with the look of another material over the top of the current furniture. This reduces the volume of materials that are put into landfill and makes for a far quicker and easier installation, with the films even displaying longer durability of more than 10 years.

VISCOM (Visual Communication Materials)

Here at Peach Design, we are proud users of FALCONBOARDS, a sustainable alternative material that can be used for points of display, retail display, exhibition display, promotional presentations, internal signage and theatrical window displays. These boards, which can be used to display all kinds of information, are made of paper and therefore are 100% recyclable. These work as a sustainable alternative to traditional foam boards that tend to be used for these kinds of displays, but are a great option for a PVC free version. These boards maintain the high quality of images and structure as well, so you will never be compromising on quality.