Our Architectural films have the capability to completely transform the appearance of any space with minimal disturbance to both the occupants and the environment through up-cycling existing items of furnishings.

Our Architectural films can transform your space in a time and cost-effective way from furniture wraps to vast textural walls. Furthermore, they are also friendly towards the planet, due to the fact that they involve enhancing existing furnishings rather than installing new ones.


Our wide range of vinyl finishes can be applied to vast areas within your space, as well as on single furniture items. These can be turned around overnight, meaning that they can be installed in occupied workspaces with no disturbance, noise or mess.


Business does not need to be put on hold for our vinyls to be installed, meaning that you won't face any loss of revenue if you choose to have them put in. These will also allow you to keep up with current trends, through upgrading existing furniture instead of frequently buying new pieces.

Textural Walls

Our Architectural wraps and vinyls can also be used on wall elevations to create a focal point in the space, drawing the eye towards them.

These textural graphics can be installed in both domestic and commercial settings, creating the same effect as natural wall finishes at a fraction of the cost.


Retail displays and campaigns perhaps change more than finishings in any other setting - it isn’t just trends you need to keep up with, it’s campaigns that can change multiple times per season. Our films allow you to keep up with all of these changes in a cost-effective way that doesn’t disrupt business.

External Spaces

Our films can be applied to any surface to give it a fresh new look. Our wide range of textures and colours will fit with any theme or colour palette to create an impactful transformation to our outside space.